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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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See your body taking the shape you always desired with only half an hour of work everyday………

Why do we get fat?

Primary reason for putting on weight is the fact that most people do not have a healthy eating habit. Most of the time we eat junk food or foods which are loaded with oil & other types of fats. Where intake of fat is necessary for our body, excessive intake of fats & high calorie food items will lead to deposition of fats in our body, thereby making us gain weight. Putting on excessive amount of weight leads to various kinds of health problems that we are all well aware of. But this may also lead to mental stress & depression. So it is very important to eat the right way if we want to take care of our body & spare it all the horrors that are associated with getting fat.

What are the options available for losing weight?

Almost everyone goes to the gym & works out for hours to shed those extra pounds he or she may have. While working out in the gym is a great option for some it may not be the best option for others. In today’s world everyone is busy. We are always running around in search of a better life. So we hardly have the time to go to the gym & work out for hours. Also going to a good gym with the right kind of work out machines equipments can be an expensive affair. You have to pay an amount at a regular interval if you want to use the facilities of the gym.

But now there is another more convenient option available at your disposal. It is time to throw out the old school ideas of work out & adopt a new one. Use hypnotherapy to lose your undesired flabs. Just like with going to a gym, hypnotherapy makes you work out as well. But the here you work out you do is with your mind & not with your body.

Why Hypnotherapy?

We have a very powerful thing within us called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, if driven the right way, can change our lives. That is exactly what hypnotherapy does to you. It conditions your mind to believe in a certain way & once that belief gets deep rooted within you, you will start to follow just that in your everyday life.

How does My Hypnotherapy help in achieving that?

My Hypnotherapy offers the safest & most convenient form of hypnotherapy to make you look slim. The My Hypnotherapy weight loss CD combines all the new hypnosis techniques & methods to give you an extremely relaxing environment. As said earlier My Hypnotherapy weight loss CD conditions your subconscious mind in such a manner that you will no longer have the craving for junk foods. It will make you disciplined in your eating habits & you will only eat healthy food. After just two sessions with My Hypnotherapy CD you will feel liked you always hated those greasy stuffs & you will automatically steer clear of such food items. Lower intake of fat will automatically result in reduction of weight.

Another good thing with My Hypnotherapy is convenience. It requires only a 40 minute of session everyday instead of the hours that you might have had to spend in the gym. The 40 minute session comes with the My Hypnotherapy guarantee that it will be the most relaxing 40 minute of your day. Also the cost of the weight loss services offered by My Hypnotherapy CD is pittance compared to the money you would have had to spend in the gym.

Will I still need to eat sensibly and exercise?

Don’t misunderstand us, you will still need to eat sensibly and exercise. But, all that will become easier! Much easier!

Hypnosis is safe and easy. There are no possible down-sides. You can’t get stuck in hypnosis. It can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. And everyone can be hypnotized. The average person takes about seven tries to go to the deepest level so we recommend that you listen to the session every day for a month. The session is only about 40 minutes long and it will be the most relaxing 40 minutes of the day guaranteed!

My Hypnotherapy weight loss CD includes:

The newest techniques in hypnosis performance, combining up-to-date hypnosis inductions and the latest in NLP.
Digitally mastered sound.
Inducing music and trance deepening sounds intertwined with hypnosis.
A pre-talk that explains what hypnosis is, how hypnosis works and the common unknown facts of hypnosis.
A running time of 40 minutes in length.
A complete and full hypnosis session.

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So don’t wait any more. Grab this opportunity with both hands. Designed by specialists in this area My Hypnotherapy weight loss program is sure to give you 100% result in no time. You will look just the way you always wanted to & that too without too much of hard work. So come join us in our quest to give the world a slimmer, fitter & healthier body through hypnotherapy. Always remember a healthy body is the first step towards getting a happy life.

This Hypnotherapy Course was created by certified Hypnotherapists, Jess Berg,  CHT and Steven B Schnider


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