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“I am a successful businessman. But I was going through some rough patches in my business lately. Nothing seemed to be going right. After a few months I was on the verge of going into depression. Then one of my friends suggested My Hypnotherapy’s self confidence session. Initially I did not believe in this. I thought it was some mumbo-jumbo type of thing. But after persuasion from my friend I decided to give it a try. And it worked. Within two session of the self confidence therapy I started getting my confidence back. Depression was a long gone thing for me. I started believing in me & tried even harder than before. Today my business has gotten back on track; exactly where I wanted it to be.”
– Patrick Evans (Self confidence CD)

“I had a bad habit of smoking. My mother & my wife tried so hard to make me quit. But I couldn’t. I used to have regular fights with my wife because of my smoking. Finding no way out I ordered the quit smoking program of My Hypnotherapy. It worked miracles. I still don’t know how it played with my mind that now I cannot even stand the thought of smoking. I have also suggested some of my friends to use the program.”
– John Bartholomew (Quit smoking CD)

“My son was having problems in studying. Not because he can’t read or write properly, but because he never found studying interesting. He would go out with his friends than spend an hour or two at home studying & it was showing in his results. From a colleague of mine I came to know about improve study program of My Hypnotherapy. My son was adamant not to go through the therapy sessions. But after a lot of convincing he agreed. Just after one session of half an hour I could see the change in him. Now he stays home in the evening & all his homeworks are completed everyday with nothing pending.”
– Patricia Clive (Improve study CD)

“I weighed 88 kgs a year back. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t stop eating. The guy I loved left me because of my weight. In depression I started eating even more. But with just one therapy of the My Hypnotherapy weight loss program I found the will to stop eating my ever favourite junk foods. I also brought in a few more people like me & started a group therapy session. I also started going to the gym & worked out everyday for at least an hour. Today my weight has reduced to 70 Kg. I am working on to reduce it even further & it all happened because of My Hypnotherapy. Thank you.”
– Diane Johnson (Weight loss CD)

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