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Quit Smoking through Hypnotherapy

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We are all aware how dangerous the habit of smoking is. It can literally kill someone. But even then people get attracted towards the idea of smoking. Smoking is not just injurious to the person directly inhaling the smoke, but also to others around him who get equally affected by the smoke. This is called indirect inhaling. It is medically proven that indirect inhalation is as bad as direct inhalation, if not worse. So by smoking you are not just damaging your own health but others’ as well.

It is also a fact that once you get into the habit of smoking, quitting it almost a near impossible task. There are many so called cures out there in the market which offers quick fix solutions. If you have used them, then you are well aware by now that they don’t work. You cannot quit smoking in just one day or in a moment. It is just not possible. Letting go of the habit of smoking is a gradual process.


How My Hypnotherapy helps you get rid of this bad habit?

What most people don’t realise that the power of quitting smoking lies within them. There is no requirement of any external force or medicine to make you quit smoking. It is all in your mind. If you decide to quit smoking & you are determined about it then no other treatment is necessary. Therefore the need is to prepare your mind about the idea of quit smoking. That is what My Hypnotherapy quit smoking program does for you. It conditions your sub-conscious mind in such a manner that you literally start hating the idea of smoking & once that happens, throwing the packet of cigarette out of the window comes easily. It will place the thought that smoking can kill you deep within your sub-conscious mind. It will also tell you how your habit of smoking is killing the very people you love so dearly. The feeling of hatred you will have towards the idea if smoking will definitely compel you to quit the habit. Once this understanding about smoking gets deep rooted within you; you will find it very easy to quit smoking.

One of the biggest advantages of quitting smoking with our program is that you won’t have to take any medicine. So you will not have fear for any side effects making the My Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking program 100% safe & secure.

By spending only 30 minutes everyday with the My Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Program you can get rid of this scourge in no time. It will not just help you quit smoking but will also give you 30 minutes of mental peace by creating a serene environment in your house. We guarantee you that 30 minutes will be the most peaceful & relaxing 30 minutes of your day.

This hypnotherapy session communicates to your subconscious mind

Most users of our therapy quit permanently and easily/ You can take a break, go outside, have a nice breath of fresh air, spend time with your friends, comfort yourself and reward yourself in other ways. You’ve heard that you only use 10% of your mind? Your subconscious accounts for the other 90% of your behaviors. It accounts for 90% of your personality, 90% of your habits and 90% of why people can’t stop.

Once your subconscious understands that all you’re giving up is the nasty habit and not the good things it’s accidentally associated with it — your mind stops fighting you and starts helping! Hypnosis works because it communicates directly with your subconscious mind.

It’s like a megaphone allowing you to get the message across to the part of your brain that has been holding you back. Since it’s the change in habits that cause people to gain weight when quitting you don’t have to worry about that — because you are taking control of those habits through hypnosis!

My Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking CD includes:

The very latest techniques of hypnosis performance, combining up-to-date hypnosis inductions and the latest in NLP.
High quality digital sounds.
Wonderfully serene music & trance deepening sounds.
Pre session talk explaining what hypnosis is & how it is done.
40 minutes of running time.
A complete & full hypnosis session.

So what are you waiting for?

Come onboard. Get rid of the habit you never thought you could. We promise once you use our Quit Smoking program you will feel so inspired that you will share it your friends & family members who has this same problem. No more taking medicines, no more family fights, no more tensions. My Hypnotherapy quit smoking program is here to solve it all. Try it right away!

This Hypnotherapy course was created by certified Hypnotherapists, Jess Berg,

CHT and Steven B Schnider


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