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1.Why Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is one of the safest methods of curing diseases. With hypnotherapy you can cure diseases & problems whose roots primarily lie in one’s mind. For instance, if you want to lose weight then you have to stop eating junk foods & start eating healthy foods. But whenever one sees that burger or fries in front of him he can’t control but take a bite. That’s where hypnotherapy comes in. It puts the idea in your mind that junk food is bad for you. After that your craving for those kinds of foods will come down & consequently your cholesterol & fat level will reduce.

2.How can Hypnotherapy help someone?
Hypnotherapy is not your usual medical treatment. It is more like a conditioning of your mind. Of you have control over your mind you can do anything you want & chances are that you will be successful in them. Our mind is a very complicated thing. More often or not we don’t know what we want. Hypnotherapy will help us know that better. It helps us to understand what is bad for our health & thus prevent us from acquiring problems & diseases.

3.How does hypnotherapy work?
One of the key principles of hypnotherapy is that mind works on different level of consciousness. Hypnotherapy works by bringing the subject into a particular state of awareness with reduced peripheral awareness & focussing their attention to the matter in hand. But it does not involve the patient being put into a deep sleep or anything. That is a misconception about hypnotherapy. They remain fully aware of their surroundings & situations & are in no way vulnerable to every command of the therapist.

4. What problems are treated by hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy can be used to heal many psychological, physical & emotional disorders. It can be used to reduce pain in surgery, dentistry & also during labour time. But our hypnotherapy services will help you reduce your weight, quit smoking, get the much needed focus & concentration back & gain confidence in yourself.

5. Why is our hypnotherapy lessons better than other hypnotherapeutic courses?
It is because with our hypnotherapy lessons you will see the change in your attitude almost instantly. Our lessons will change you 10 times more than any hypnotherapeutic courses in just one hour of therapy sessions. Apart from that our therapy programs have been designed keeping the patient in mind. It will put no stress on the patient while the therapy is going on & we guarantee you that our therapy will leave you completely satisfied.

6. Can hypnotherapy be dangerous to the patient?
Absolutely not. It is 100 percent safe. There are many myths going around about hypnotherapy. But let us tell you that are myths & there are no shred of truth in them. During a hypnotherapy session the patient is never put into a deep sleep & he is always aware of what is going on around him. In fact compared to other forms of medical treatment hypnotherapy is way safer than them. There can be no side effects as well from our hypnotherapy programs since we do not prescribe any medicine.

7. How successful are your Hypnotherapy lessons?
We are very proud of the fact that over 96 percent of our customers reported about success and benefits. We recommend to use our hypnotherapy each day for at least one month for the best results.

8. How soon do I get ordered Hypnotherapy lesson(s)?
You will receive your hypnotherapy lesson(s) instantly after you pay. We will serve them to you as mp3s so you can play them on any PC or in mp3 player, IPod, etc. If you chose to also get them on a CD, delivery takes about 1 week.

9. What name will show up on my credit card statement?
We have various banks where we process credit cards. You will be notified by e-mail with this information once your card has been billed.

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